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Team building is at the heart of any successful organization and team. To strive for excellence, team members must first learn how to work together toward common goals while improving morale, cohesiveness, and culture. A lack of personal understanding and empathy toward cultural diversity can lead to problems such as tension, disappointment, hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and poor communication, which can result in poor performance.

Research indicates that when organizations incorporate team-building strategies into their culture, it creates a sense of belonging, encourages tolerance and team spirit, improves communication skills, and creates an atmosphere of community.

Michael Arterberry encourages leaders and team members to share on a personal level, enabling them to build and strengthen relationships and better understand one another.

Michael Can Move You and Your Team From The ORDINARY To The EXTRAORDINARY By:

- Motivating your staff.

Encouraging your team. 

- Creating camaraderie and becoming a highly effective group.

- Instilling a culture of inclusivity through empathy.

Michael's Speaking Topics

  • Encourage people to strive for excellence, to have a belief in their future, and “Be the Driver of Your Car.”

  • Energize participants to gain a clear and positive identity. “Shake The Dirt Off” and move toward their dreams.

  • Inspire others to share on a personal level to build and strengthen relationships to learn to work together toward common goals.

  • Motivate, inspire and give student-athletes “The Edge” to succeed both personally and in their team sports.

  • Demonstrate that leaders value making everyone in the organization feel accepted, appreciated, and respected through Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) training.

  • Rethink corporate training to maintain a healthy, inclusive work culture

Michael offers keynote speeches, team address/kick-off and an interactive experience, including:

  • Getting to know each other better, bonding, and improving morale

  • Building team spirit and camaraderie

  • Improving group communication by creating a climate of cooperation and collaborative problem-solving

  • Team development by building a community with a common purpose

  • Encouraging tolerance and understanding by creating awareness of individual differences, personality strengths, and weaknesses

  • Developing trust, caring, compassion, kindness, and empathy

  • Creating a sense of belonging and connectivity

  • Encouraging creativity!

  • Improving motivation and self-esteem

  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment



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