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You don't need to be empowered if you are not going anywhere. You don't need to put gas in a parked car. Stop being impressed with who you are. Stop being selfish and start thinking of others. We've become a narcissistic society everything is about you. Many have not been trained to serve others. So many are occupied with the benefits of life but are not doing the job. Let's practice paying it forward and change the world one act of kindness at a time.

The richest place in the world is a cemetery. The are so many hidden treasures there. You have so many people who have not lived their full potential. Never be satisfied at where you are always look to do better. Don't rob the next generation of something that was placed in you, just because you didn't live up to your full potential.

In the climb to success you learn as much from your failures as you do your successes. What's your (EQ) emotional quality? How you handle stress your range of emotions. To be successful you learn from the lows how to ride on the highs. If you can't take the dip you can't take the climb. You have to remain cool in the crisis. What's your (AQ) adaptability quality? Are you adaptable? How do you respond to change? Success can be just as daunting as failure if you don't adapt to it you can lose it. Remain stable in the fluctuation of the journey towards success, and plan for the weight of success.

Honor this day honor the possibilities in this day, honor the love and the beauty in this day. Look around at all you have, and in this moment make it something truly great. See the wonder and the beauty all around you, and let yourself truly love who you are and where you are in the moment.

Do you feel stuck? A prisoner in your own mind. Staying in a place of comfort not realizing that something familiar can be fatal. Until you are liberated your mind will be in turmoil. You have to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If you don't renew your mind you will remain stuck. You have to download new positive, progressive, and exciting information.

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