what turns you on
DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?!? What are you passionate about? The fear is that as adults, there are many who cannot answer that question. It is scary that some of us have lived this long and we have NO idea WHO we are. Many people can’t answer this question on […]

What turns you ON?

Is your Cage your prison?
Domestication is not natural. Like the lion in the cage his instincts are for the wild, but he has to overcome the abuse of being put in a cage. The cage is abusive but it’s been his normal. What is your cage? We all have them… it could be a […]

Is Your Cage Your Prison?

question 1
I dare you to Ask Yourself this Question…. What purpose do I serve? What do people GET when they GET me? What do people LOSE when they LOSE me? Life should be about serving a purpose. We must serve a higher power and be more selfless rather than selfish. We […]

Ask yourself this question…

self consciousness
Why do you think or feel God falls asleep in the middle of our storms?  The reason is because HE knows we can handle it. What you need to get through the storm is in you, not around you. We spend too much time focusing on what’s around us rather […]

Self Consciousness

NO PASSION… FRIGID…. COLD….. INDIFFERENT….. AVERAGE……… EMOTIONLESS…..                                      Some people never get much out of life because they don’t want anything bad enough. They are not willing to take risk, but there is power in PASSION. Passionate people apply continual pressure and wear it down.                                                                                                                                                               They are relentless.                                                                           […]

Are you living in Neutral?

Trust your Instincts 1
We are all pre-wired with gifts and talents to achieve our ultimate dreams. We have to match up what is inside us with what is in front of us. Use your instincts and instead of relying on your intellect. Trust that your instincts will move you from Lesser to LARGER. […]

Trust Your Instincts

I want you to think of yourself as a seed. To get a seed to germinate, you have to put it in a dark place. A seed cannot germinate in the light. Your dark place is that place that is SO dark, some may feel they want to die. We […]

A seed….

exceptional 21
Exceptional cannot sit in the same room as ordinary! I’m a … Trend Setter A Rule Breaker Entrepreneur Purpose-Driven Enthusiast An Exceptional Human Being! What will you choose to be?!  Be Encouraged!


Opposition is just the suit and under the coat is opportunity. It all depends on how we perceive opposition. Imagine a storm; waves crashing the shore; winds whipping. You see masses of people gassing their cars, trying to escape the storm. Then you see another group of people with surf […]

Waves Crashing

greatness will rise 1
Is your life a reflection of what you were built for or is it a reflection of your situation? Let’s begin to think on new levels. Let’s not die with things not discovered in us. Unfortunately, for many of us the scripts we are living out were “pre-scripted”. We did […]

Greatness will Rise