What turns you ON?


What are you passionate about? The fear is that as adults, there are many who cannot answer that question. It is scary that some of us have lived this long and we have NO idea WHO we are. Many people can’t answer this question on a personal OR professional level. I challenge you today to think about these questions…..

Who are you?  What are you passionate about? Where do you put your energy?

You must know what works for you so you put energy only towards those things that agree with who you are. When we don’t know ourselves, we live on our urges rather than our instincts. Urges deplete you since they only make withdrawals. Where you deposit your time, energy and money determines what is valuable to you.

You are where you are today because of how you have handled your time and money.

Challenge your perception, change your perspective and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Be Encouraged!

what turns you on

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