Self Consciousness

Why do you think or feel God falls asleep in the middle of our storms?  The reason is because HE knows we can handle it.

What you need to get through the storm is in you, not around you.

We spend too much time focusing on what’s around us rather than what’s in us. You have to take time to get to know who you are. How can you expect others to know who you are if YOU don’t know who you are?

Chaos, trouble, denial, rejection and hard times taught me what was inside of me. I didn’t know I could encourage myself. I’ve panicked and called people for wisdom that was weaker than the wisdom I had myself.

In your body, you have WORLD consciousness. In your spirit, you have God consciousness. In your soul, you have self consciousness.

Divine expectations…if you don’t expect anything you won’t receive anything!

Be Encouraged!

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