Inspiring Athletes

The concepts that I am about to share with you, I learned at a very young age. This gave me an Edge. As a young athlete, I put these concepts into play and helped me to become the great athlete that I was. Yes, I had been blessed with athletic ability but you need more to become an “elite athlete”.

The Edge, where does it start? How do you create a hunger for success, a desire to perform at the highest level?

I am going to speak to you today about the philosophies and mental skills to be prepared for and excel in any sport. How to develop a winning attitude for the best possible chance to succeed.

  • Starts in the Mind – Creating the Proper Environment for success

  • Where the Mind goes, the body will follow……Positivity

  • Be the Master of your Craft

  • There is a difference between Talent and Commitment

  • Off Season


    Michael Arterberry 1987

Would you like to motivate, inspire and give your student athletes “The Edge” to succeed both personally and in their team sports??

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