Ask yourself this question… 1

I dare you to Ask Yourself this Question….

What purpose do I serve? What do people GET when they GET me? What do people LOSE when they LOSE me? Life should be about serving a purpose. We must serve a higher power and be more selfless rather than selfish.

We must associate with a cause beyond ourselves. I challenge you to write a list of what YOU give to other people and see how long it is. What do you do that is not about YOU? We must have a desire to serve something bigger than ourselves. We must move beyond simply sustaining in order to reach success.

What do you fight for other than a paycheck? Do you associate with a cause besides yourself? Do all roads lead back to you? Every great person, generals, presidents, civil rights leaders, people worth studying were people who found a cause GREATER than themselves.

What do you stand for? What purpose do you serve? What cause will you fight for that defines WHY YOU ARE?!?question

Be Encouraged!

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